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All meals come ready to heat in pyrex dishes. These dishes are safe from freezer to oven and are MICROWAVE safe. However, we suggest allowing them to defrost in your fridge the day the meal is going to be eaten.

All our dishes are engraved with a heart on the bottom to help make identification easier, as the dishes are the same that are used in most kitchens.

There is an initial $25 plate fee to cover any breakage, chipping, or lost dishes. If you exceed the 4 dish coverage, there will be a $5 fee for each dish. Replacements will be accepted.

Meals for one person will be delivered in disposable containers which are safe to use in the microwave or conventional oven. There is no deposit required if you will be ordering only single size servings.

Disposable containers are MICROWAVE safe. Please transfer to an oven proof dish for heating in a conventional oven


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