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In today's world it is becoming increasingly harder to provide nutritious healthy meals to you or your family due to the stress that is placed on making a living.

There has been much written about the harm of saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and preservatives in today's diet. Many diseases have been directly related to the overuse of these ingredients.

Because people today are busier than ever, it is not so easy to come up with healthy, creative and tasteful dishes that will satisfy your family's old eating habits.

Cooking from the Heart seeks to provide a service that will free up households with two working members, a new baby (or babies!), those with an illness or on restricted diets, or families and individuals who want to eat healthier but lack the time or know-how.

All our meals are prepared with fresh natural ingredients, and we are constantly in search of new and interesting recipes. No sugar or refined products are used, and we only use canola or olive oil, organic grains and herbs, and organic produce, when available.

Ground turkey, which tastes and looks like hamburger, but is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol, is used in many of the dishes to replace red meat.

Tofu, which has been called the food of one thousand tastes because it basically takes on the flavor of any food or seasoning that is added to it, is creatively disguised in many of the recipes to replace eggs or cheese in our mixed dairy selections. Tofu has no cholesterol, is low in fat, and has recently been proven to help reduce the risks of certain cancers, particularly in women.

We recognize that it is hard to change a family's eating habits overnight; therefore we have included several options within the menu selections. You may choose entrees with meat and dairy products, all vegetarian entrees, or a combination of both. You may also choose entrees that contain no cholesterol with our non dairy option, or entrees using a combination of soy and dairy products. This mixed dairy option is a good compromise for many families.

Most dishes are generous in their portions and quite economical. They are delivered in pyrex glass dishes and are presented with the utmost care. Most dishes can be frozen to be used at your convenience.

We hope our service can help you and your family.



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