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What our customers say:

1- "Why recommend Cooking From the Heart? True confessions: I am a busy person and a lousy cook. I started ordering from CFTH back in 1990, when my son was a newborn. Now, eleven years later, our family continues to order at least 3 entrees almost every week.

The food is tasty, plentiful, & healthy, and accommodates both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians in our family. Plus, the couple that runs this business are wonderful people. We've been with them for more than a decade, and we're grateful." Drs. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas and Robert A. Jonas, Watertown, MA

2 - "Dinners have been excellent, healthful and convenient. The people cooking and delivering are a family who really do it "from the heart." Dietary restrictions are carefully observed making food fun, not full of anxiety. We've been customers since about 1992 - we vote with our continued enthusiasm." Dr. Marian Shapiro of Lexington

3 - "Cooking From the Heart has been a lifesaving service since our twins were born! The food is simply wonderful and has allowed us to continue to eat healthful, affordable and delicious meals during this busy time in our lives. Robin and Juan are both utterly professional and terrific people to know. This service gets our highest recommendation!" Carrie Jasper, Newton, MA

4 - "We love Cooking From the Heart for many reasons: delicious and lovingly prepared food delivered to your door in reusable containers. I so appreciate not having excess packaging to throw away and it says a lot about the values of Robin & Co. There is great range and variety of foods to choose from. The soups are delicious, the Mexican dishes are outrageous and all the menus are prepared with good health in mind." Elise Hoblitzelle, Watertown, MA

5 - "We like Cooking From the Heart because it provides wholesome, ready to heat meals on a weekly basis. The delivery is extremely reliable (like the post office: "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet " will keep CFTH from it's appointed delivery!), punctual and courteous. Ordering is easy from a monthly menu with the preprinted order form. At this point it would be hard to manage our eating requirements without CFTH." Paula & Rainer Kohler, Needham, MA

6 - "It's really good and so worthwhile. With our kids, we're always rushing around to practices. I know on the days we order from Cooking From the Heart, We will eat a nice healthy meal. My family is eating lean turkey or chicken, instead of red meat, and they don't notice the difference." Lynn Haber, Norwell, MA

7 - "Having the food delivered is a great convenience and we find that the food is very tasty. I love the fact that Robin uses a variety of grains that I've never been able to make taste as good as she does, things like couscous, brown rice and wheatberry. We just wouldn't have the time, the inclination, or the wonderful recipes to make these nutritious and low fat foods on our own!" Joan and Dan Donovan, Marshfield, MA



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